Forming a Corporation

Forming a Corporation

A corporation's life begins when a document called the "Articles of Incorporation" (in some states the "Certificate of Incorporation" or "Certificate of Formation") is filed with the Secretary of State (or other appropriate state agency). If you decide to incorporate, Realia Investments Inc. has made forming a corporation easy and affordable. Simply answer a few questions and Realia will generate the necessary corporate formation documents, and we will file the Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State.

Advantages of forming a C Corp


A C Corp is the only type of organization that can "go public" and sell an unlimited number of ownership shares. They do typically get taxed at a higher rate due to taxes being imposed at both a personal and corporate level, however having access to more capital, higher revenue potential, and ultimately profits, often offsets this.

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Forming your C Corporation doesn’t need to be complex or time-consuming. With our easy online form, you can be done in as few as 10 minutes.

We file the paperwork

We incorporate your C Corporation by preparing all required documents and filing them directly with the Secretary of State.

Receive your documents

Once your incorporation documents have been approved by the state, you will receive your completed C Corp package by mail.